XCode 5 GM Seed

This version is the first one that can submit iOS 7 apps to the app store, and deploy apps to older versions of iOS too.

Beta versions prior to the XCode5 GM Seed can only deploy apps to iOS Beta Devices, which means for us that testing is limited and does not give us a "Real world" picture of how our apps will perform.

We're not only dealing with making our apps compatible with a new version of iOS and new iPhone devices; we also need to learn a severely altered development tool to do this - an exercise us content creators could gladly live without.

iOS 7 has a new "Swipe down from the middle of the screen" feature which allows to cancel out of the search view.

I'll probably implement a version check which means that our apps will perform as they are on iOS 6 and prior, and with a working cancel button on iOS 7.

Now I think Xcode 5 GM Seed is Perfectly 90%! for iOS apps developer