What to Do Before Downloading iOS 7 with Speed Review in iPhone4, 4S and iPhone 5

To download iOS 7 worry-free, the first step is to back up your data via iCloud. Apple actually backs up the most important data automatically, but the feature has to be enabled.

Before you download iOS, we suggest doing a manual back up.

RIght-click the device in iTunes under Devices and select Back Up. You can also back it up by clicking the file menu and select Devices > Back Up.

Another area worth backing up is your iTunes library.

With iOS 7, app updates will automatically be downloaded for you; take a minute to cherish the last time you'll be forced to manually install app updates.

The update usually adds new features to iTunes, but it also brings with it compatibility for new devices and the new OS. You can check for the updated version of iTunes on Apple's site shortly after the release of iOS 7, or check for software updates on your Mac by clicking on the Apple Menu icon followed by Software Update.

Windows users can use the Help menu in iTunes and click "Check for Update." Once you've gone through this checklist and prepared your device for the update, prepare yourself to hold off on updating until later in the day after you get home or have some time away from work.

iOS7 Compatible in

  • iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPhone 4
  • iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2, iPad Mini
  • iPod touch (5th generation)

In Thailand iOS Dev Website, all communities test the performance of iOS 7 on the iPhone 4, 4S and iPhone 5, and show you which iPhone runs smoothly - and that jerky.

Performance Comparison: iPhone 5 tops, iPhone 4 flops.

A somewhat different picture was observed for the iPhone 4: iOS 7 jerks more often, especially if an app is invoked for the first time and it is not in memory.

The three-year-old iPhone 4 is clearly behind that of the other two iPhones.

Whether we navigate through the home screens, open or close apps, scrolling in the browser or calling cards: iOS 5 beta 7 iPhone 4 and do not fit together properly.

The iPhones show some clear differences in performance, especially the iPhone 4 permanently jerky and is overwhelmed with iOS 7th Of course we must not forget that it is different generations of devices with different hardware power for iPhone 4, 4S and 5.

Will you be downloading iOS 7 when it launches or will you be waiting until possible bugs are updated?

Thank You Image: http://www.macthai.com/ and Video: http://www.oopsmobile.net/ (Thai Sources)


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